Appellate Litigation Funding

As a natural outgrowth of investing in uncertain future cash flows, Argo Partners started investing in litigation in 2011, with a focus on appellate litigation. Working with industry partners, we have been able to fund plaintiffs, trial counsel and appellate counsel as they await final judgments, or agree to settlements, in their cases. Our funding allows these parties to take some risk off the table and move forward without waiting for the usually slow-going appellate process to come to fruition. We have successfully funded many of the Engle Progeny cases in Florida, named after Howard Engle, for injuries suffered because of the health effects of smoking. Other personal injury and product liabilities cases around the country we have funded include: a products liability case against a respirator company whereby an individual contracted silicosis; a wrongful death case when a prisoner was killed due to allegedly negligent supervision; and a plaintiff who failed to receive appropriate standard of care in a gastric bypass surgery.

Litigation Funding within the Bankruptcy Context

Argo Partners has also begun funding litigation within the bankruptcy arena. Building on our core business of investing in claims in Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcies, Argo Partners will fund all stakeholders in bankruptcy proceedings, including creditors’ committees, debtors, trustees, and other parties in interest, as well as their counsel. Litigation funding is provided as the case progresses, on a non-recourse basis. This is particularly important in the bankruptcy context, where well-founded legal claims are frequently abandoned due to a lack of resources. It may also increase the efficiency of the proceedings and hasten the time in which a case can be successfully closed. Argo Partners' current focus is on small to medium-sized needs, which is an underserved market in the world of litigation finance. With over 25 years’ experience in the bankruptcy field, combined with our successful funding of many non-bankruptcy related litigations to date, we look forward to leveraging our bankruptcy and litigation funding experiences to assist those involved in bankruptcy litigation.


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