Building off of its expertise in the distressed arena, Argo Partners has made a number of investments in Off-Campus Student Housing complexes located throughout the United States. While our initial investments were distressed related, we have expanded into non-distressed student housing assets as well, albeit with a value approach to investing. We focus on assets that are in close proximity to universities and colleges with a large student body, usually over 20,000 students. Specifically, we target those complexes that are priced at a discount relative to their peers due to the need for extensive capital improvement program.

Argo Partners has joined with an experienced and dedicated management team that works to implement the capital improvement program, which includes updating the interior of the units with new stainless steel appliances and furniture as well as the common spaces like the clubhouses, gyms and pools. We work diligently with the management company to improve the student housing living experience for its tenants with the goal of increasing occupancy and driving rents, over time, to the level of market peers.

Properties in our current portfolio are to be found in Waco, TX, Buffalo, NY, Muncie, IN and Hattiesburg, MS.

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