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Argo Partners was founded in 1992 by Michael C. Singer as an investment firm that specialized in purchasing potential future cash flows of distressed, often bankrupt, entities. Typical investments took the form of trade receivables from, and bank loans to, bankrupt companies. While its core business is still in the purchase of "distressed paper" in the United States, the firm has branched out both geographically (in distressed investing), and to other investment areas, such as appellate litigation funding and value-added student housing investing.

The firm develops its investment ideas primarily through its own network of contacts and databases. An experienced team of professionals carries out the research and analysis of distressed credits. This team includes specialists with backgrounds in bankruptcy law, turnaround and workout operations, and investment banking. In areas where we do not have in-house expertise, we link up with industry-specific experts and managers to complete the analysis, who may also help implement the investment strategy.

The combination of talents enables the firm to provide a fast and professional response to a potential investment opportunity.

Our team includes bankruptcy law, turnaround and workout operations, and investment banking specialists.

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